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We create new ways to connect customers and brands. From planning to execution, Hillside & Knox will help you bring innovative strategies to life and grow your bottom line. Learn more about our complete suite of marketing services below.

Brand Partnerships

Hillside & Knox specializes in creating, developing, and cultivating partnerships between brands.  Our programs aim to identify and leverage areas for connection, while emphasizing each brand’s uniqueness.

New Business Development

Hillside & Knox brings insights and ingenuity to all facets of business development, focusing on forging long-term relationships.

Life Stage Marketing

Hillside & Knox has extensive experience in zeroing in on particular life stages in order to create and tailor marketing efforts that are informed by evolving attitudes and behaviors.

Contract Negotiation

Hillside & Knox has overseen the negotiation and execution of contracts in brand and retailer  spheres including brand and data licensing, sampling, gift cards, sponsorships, category exclusivity and event planning.

Brand Identity Creation

Hillside & Knox offers consulting in the creation, evaluation, and refining of brand identity, sensitive to the intersection of positioning, perception, and purpose.

Marketing Plan Development

Hillside & Knox has assisted companies and brands with identifying and capturing core philosophies, strategies, tactics, targets, and expectations.

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Get to KnowHillside & Knox

Hillside & Knox creates innovative marketing strategies to help brands connect with expectant mothers and new parents. Using deep audience insight and expertise in life stage marketing, we identify opportunities for product placements, partnerships, and promotions that nurture customer relationships and build brand loyalty.

Zanny Oltman

Meet ZannyFounder of Hillside & Knox

A veteran marketing executive, Zanny Oltman founded Hillside & Knox after over 10 years at Destination Maternity Corporation.

Zanny leads Hillside & Knox with a proven ability to develop, launch and enhance innovative marketing partnerships.

Learn From OurSuccess Stories

Craving StationDestination Maternity Corporation

For Destination Maternity, Zanny developed the “Craving Station,” an in-store locale offering shoppers a respite and opportunity to sample prenatal bars and other products. The Craving Station created a longer in-store experience for shoppers and the concept itself was a revenue generator for the company based on the partnerships created to support it.

The Craving Station responded to two familiar retail challenges: the need to create new exposure for brands, and to enhance the customer experience. Zanny enlisted the efforts of colleagues from the marketing, construction, logistics, and store operations departments to transform an unused part of the store, behind the cash wrap, into a new sampling platform. The Craving Station allowed shoppers to test out products firsthand, and by doing so it made the checkout process seem faster and more enjoyable—a shift documented in customer service surveys.

The program evolved into weekend sampling programs for which national brands and their local sales teams would create in-store demonstrations for shoppers. Destination Maternity’s brand partners were thrilled because they could interact directly with the mom or mom-to-be, while the company saw both direct revenue from placement and participation fees, as well as they indirect benefits from an improved customer experience.

Gift with PurchaseFor a Pea in the Pod

For A Pea in the Pod stores, Zanny created a partnership with Britax to promote a gift with purchase program. Customers spending above a certain threshold received a complimentary baby carrier, supplied by Britax in conjunction with an enhanced in-store visual presentation that attracted new shoppers.

When Britax, well-known for its car seats and strollers, first launched its category of baby carriers, it needed to build awareness for the new product. At the same time, Destination Maternity was seeking a boost in its average dollar sale figure on basket sizes of $200 or more. A gift-with-purchase partnership was a success for both companies: Destination Maternity offered a Britax baby carrier to customers who spent $300 or more, leading to a lift in sales of over 40%. Britax gained storefront exposure for its baby carriers within major malls across the United States, and a valuable market research source in A Pea in the Pod customers who became early adopters.

The Car Seat Test DriveDestination Maternity Corporation

Zanny created a partnership with a car seat manufacturer to set up a “red carpet” attraction outside of certain Destination Maternity stores in which expectant parents could learn about and experience for themselves putting an actual car seat in their vehicles.

It’s a challenge for expectant parents and car seat manufacturers alike: how to get comfortable with one of the most critical products for newborns. A partnership with Destination Maternity allowed one car seat manufacturer a unique way to reach its target customers: with a “red carpet” weekend attraction outside store locations across the country. The manufacturer’s products would be featured for prospective customers, who could go beyond the box to see for themselves what it was like to actually install and use a car seat. This generated significant exclusive exposure for the car seat manufacturer, while traffic for Destination Maternity locations increased 20% during the events.

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